Valteri Bottas: "Wolff couldn't give me a multi-year contract, so I left the team"

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Valteri Bottas: "Wolff couldn't give me a multi-year contract, so I left the team"

Many times Valteri Bottas emphasized how much he wanted a multi-year contract, but Mercedes could not afford it at the time. Valteri Bottas decided that was enough, and that he had to find a new team. Alfa Romeo is his new adventure and a team in which he will do his best.

Valteri Bottas admits that everything turned out as if he and Toto Wolff had agreed “It was honestly like we agreed,” Bottas told the Beyond The Grid podcast. “It was not like he told me. He knew that, at some point, we needed to make decisions.

“And, already, I had decided myself that if I can’t get two years or more with Mercedes, I’m definitely going to go for something new. And it was a simple question of, can he offer me more than two years, two years or more?” “He said, no, he can’t at this moment, and then it was quite easy”.

George Russell

The new driver of Mercedes will be George Russell, who has great prospects, and in whom Mercedes and Toto Wolff have high hopes. “Obviously, it was very natural to get George in the car, because he’s been kind of part of the team for a long time,” Bottas explained.

“It’s a new generation, and that’s also how the sport is evolving”. Valteri Bottas is ultimately happy with the outcome, and believes Mercedes can take advantage of a great talent like George Russell “Mercedes, they’ve had this Young Driver Programme, and George has been in that for a long time.

And for them to waste that opportunity, in case he obviously still develops further and becomes more experienced, and even quicker, they didn’t want to miss the opportunity”. “So for me, it’s all good.

For me, I’m really happy”. Valteri Bottas is aware that next season will be much harder, but still experience could decide