Alpine went adrift at start of F1 2021, admits Rossi


Alpine went adrift at start of F1 2021, admits Rossi

Laurent Rossi, the Chief of Alpine F1 Team, has admitted in an interview earlier this week, that, his team’s forms had been fluctuating rapidly at the beginning of 2021, but, as the season progressed Alpine’s Formula One Team seemed to have found some rhythms and its forms became “more linear than you think”.

Alpine witnesses a wild swing in forms over first half of 2021 as the F1 titan’s racers Fernando Alonso alongside Esteban Ocon had managed to rank between fifth and seventeenth place during H1, 2021, while their finishing points have been by far irregularly irregular with forms ebbing and flourishing histrionically.

As the season advances, the Alpine F1 Team have concluded 2021 Title-droughts with a breakthrough in Hungarian Grand Prix, where Ocon seized his maiden Grand Prix and Alonso ranked at fourth. Alpine F1 Team, in tandem, have experienced a clutch of riant showings in the latter half of year with ground-breaking performances in Zandvoort, Qatar and Russia, while Alonso managed a podium, but the team went out of form again in Monza, Austin and Mexico.

Alpine F1 Team’s form was inconsistent at the beginning of 2021, says Rossi

Meanwhile, admitting that Alpine had been “lost” at the early stages of ’21, Alpine Chief Executive Rossi said in the interview, “At the beginning of the season we were lost.

That was difficult because we couldn't understand the car so well. It was early days, after that we knew what to expect…As we went through the season, we understood the car much better. The biggest driver of improvements was really the way we operate.

First to extract the most out of the drivers and then second as a team between the drivers to even push the boundaries further. It took us four or five months to get there but we built constantly, and I think Hungary was a dramatic display of when we get it all together, what it gives.

It was a bit dramatic, but we saw progress, and then we started being way more predictive in what we would do during the next race. In fact, we knew we could score almost every race more or less a certain amount of points…In particular, Rossi addresses a very poor memory in Monaco weekend when the team “didn't even know” what to do to bring in points.