Fernando Alonso reveals which two drivers impress him the most!

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Fernando Alonso reveals which two drivers impress him the most!

Fernando Alonso is a Spanish Formula 1 driver who is currently competing for the Alpine team and it must be admitted that he had a great season given the strength of the car he was driving. Although he had given up for a long time, he returned to Formula 1 last year and showed that despite his age, he still has talent and what it takes to be at the top.

The question is how Fernando Alonso would cope in a Mercedes or Red Bull However, given the experience he has and the successes he has achieved in F1, many wanted to hear who the drivers were who impressed the Spaniard.

The answer was quite direct The new Mercedes driver has obviously impressed Fernando Alonso and it is no wonder why Mercedes offered him an answer. He will have the opportunity to prove his talent this season “I said at the beginning of the championship, before it started, in Bahrain, that the drivers who impressed me the most when I was at home watching on TV were George [Russell], about the performance at Williams, and Max [Verstappen],” he explained, as quoted by formula1news

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo

It is not surprising that he included Max Verstappen in the selection, who had the best season since coming to F1, and he impressed all the other participants with his perseverance and mentality.

Although he was expected to be defeated in the final race, he managed to win the title, and achieve what he has been dreaming about all these years. “Those were the two guys for whom I was turning on the television.

They were giving something extra”. In addition to the two mentioned, Daniel Ricciardo was also interesting to Alonso, “Daniel [Ricciardo) was also there. Because I was in the Renault and that car interested me a lot last year.

Now you know first-hand how the Enstone factory has evolved,” he added.

Next season, even bigger progress is expected from George Russell, just like Max Verstappen, who achieved his biggest goal.