Saudi F1 organizers to tweak circuit layout to improve visibility

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Saudi F1 organizers to tweak circuit layout to improve visibility
Saudi F1 organizers to tweak circuit layout to improve visibility

On Thursday, Saudi Formula One organizers had issued a statement saying that the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix’s Jeddah Street Circuit would witness a minor overhaul this season, mostly aimed at improving visibility around the corners.

Concomitantly, Saudi Motorsport Company Chief Executive Martin Whitaker said in a statement, “Firstly, there are going to be one or two slight changes to the track. These tweaks are directly related to a drivers' sightline from the cockpit.

It's minimal work, but it will help improve forward visibility in a couple of corners”. In tandem, adding that a few barriers around the track would be adjusted as well to position the racing lines which racers would be taking in certain corners, Whitaker said, “The length of time between the two races has enabled us to reflect on some aspects that did and didn't work.

And we have been striving to improve on some areas for our second event”. The Jeddah Corniche Circuit, which happens to be 6.1-kilometre-long, makes its debut on December, 2021 and it is widely regarded as the second-fastest track on Formula One’s calendar after Monza in Italy.

Saudi F1 organizers to make marginal adjustments on Jeddah circuit

In factuality, latest reform in Jeddah F1 circuit track comes forth as the track’s flowing layout blasts through the city’s Red Sea waterfront alongside a number of high-speed corners which are folded by brick-walls, eventually making it harder for the drivers to identify slower cars taking turns around some corners.

The minor flaws in the track had led to a barrage of near misses during qualifying and practices last month, however, the track had delivered a dramatic race in December that had to be halted twice due to crashes.

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