F1 race director Masi could be ousted after Hamilton’s dubious defeat in Abu Dhabi

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F1 race director Masi could be ousted after Hamilton’s dubious defeat in Abu Dhabi

Michael Masi, the Australian motorsports official serving as the FIA’s race director since March 2019, could be replaced as soon as this season, an FIA official investigating the dubitable defeat of Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last month unveils on condition of anonymity given the scale of sensitivity of the subject-matter.

In factuality, latest development on Masi’s future as an FIA director comes over the heels of surging controversies regarding Lewis Hamilton’s shocking defeat in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last month what in effect costs the 37-year-old Formula One mega-mind an eighth straight Championship title.

In the matter of the fact, during the last lap of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last month, Lewis Hamilton has been well en-route to seize his eighth straight championship title before a late safety car had deterred his progress and proffered Red Bull’s Verstappen with fresh tires a window to surpass the Mercedes.

Despite an awkward progress of Verstappen with aids from a late safety car which should not have happened according to the rule book, Masi ruled in favour of Verstappen, sending shockwave across the F1 community. The result continues to cast doubts on whether Sir Lewis Hamilton will continue his career.

Masi could be replaced as FIA race director

Amid such garrulous narratives, speaking with an Austrian newspaper Voralberger Nachrichten, FIA Single-Seater Director Peter Bayer who has been probing the unjustifiable defeat of Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, said that the possibilities of Masi having been ousted as race director could no longer be ruled out.

Bayer also added, “Michael has done a great job in many ways. We definitely don't want to lose him. We told him that, but also that there is a possibility that there may be a new race director. I can only make proposals to the World Council, and they will definitely include Michael.

Regarding Mercedes’ protests on the defeat and a growing scrutiny about the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix’s result, Bayer said, “Masi had several options in those seconds when he had to decide, all according to regulations," Bayer said.

"He could have finished the race under safety car, he could have stopped [red flag as in Baku], but Nicholas Latifi's accident would not have justified it. Or he could have done what he did, which was to get out of there somehow.

If the Mercedes protest had gone to the Court of Appeal after rejection by the stewards, what would have come out of it? I believe that the judges would have said that the regulations say differently to what he decided, so we could only declare the result invalid”.