FIA Senior Official Peter Bayer believes Masi F1 job is under question

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FIA Senior Official Peter Bayer believes Masi F1 job is under question
FIA Senior Official Peter Bayer believes Masi F1 job is under question

Formula 1 race director Michael Masi is under a lot of pressure due to the decision in Abu Dhabi that brought the title to Max Verstappen. There are many who criticize him FIA Senior Official Peter Bayer believes that Massi did a good job, but that there is a chance there will be a new race director "He has done a super job," Bayer told journalist Gerhard Kuntschik "We have told him that, but also that there is a possibility that there will be a new race director.

"I can only make suggestions to the World Council, and they will definitely include him."
Bayer also revealed how Masi coped with all these criticisms "He has developed a relatively thick skin against the attacks of individual teams.

When you work at the FIA, you have to be aware that you are working for the sports police. "The policeman rarely gets sympathy, as in daily life. What has become unbearable is reactions on social media, they will stop at nothing, as you saw with the death threats against Williams driver Latifi.

"Michael doesn't have a social media account, but the hostility in other channels really hit him. "I assured Michael of the federation's backing in our discussions and let him know - we want to continue working with you, but I also need your understanding that we have to deal with the issue." Bayer believes Masi's decision was not an easy one to make "We need to catch up in the organisation," he said.

"Masi had several options in those seconds when he had to decide, all according to the regulations. He could have finished the race under the safety car or aborted it. "But Nicholas Latifi's accident would not have justified that.

Or he could have done what he did."

Mercedes and the new rules

Mercedes of course complained after the race, but Bayer believes that this would not change anything even if it was respected "I think the judges would have said it's different in the regulations, he made that decision, so we could just annul the result.

But even then - if it was annulled - Max Verstappen would have been world champion."
Now there will be a change of plan, and the team principals will not be able to talk to the race director during the race "The team bosses will no longer be able to intervene on this channel," said Bayer.

"But the team managers will still be able to, because they have to be able to ask questions. "We want to build in a buffer with a staff member who will take these enquiries. In future, the race director will be able to concentrate on his task, and will no longer be distracted."


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