Williams CEO Jost Capito: "I don't care if Lewis Hamilton drives or not"

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Williams CEO Jost Capito: "I don't care if Lewis Hamilton drives or not"

Williams CEO Jost Capito had a statement that surprised many. By all accounts, Jost Capito believes Hamilton could end his career. Lewis Hamilton didn't say anything for a long time after the incident in Abu Dhabi, when he lost the title by Max Verstappen after a long lead.

The last racing weekend on the Yas Marina Bay track was spent in controversial decisions by FIA racing director Michael Masi, Merces protested against the decision and filed an appeal but the FIA ​​did not want to take such things into account and a final decision was made.

This has certainly provoked Lewis Hamilton even more, from whom many are waiting for any reaction, or an indication that he will perform next season, but so far nothing .... "I don't care about that - I don't care if he drives or not," Capito told German RTL / ntv.

"(It's) completely irrelevant, really completely irrelevant."

Jost Capito on George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

Jost Capito believes that the chance should be given to young drivers who have a career ahead of them, and someone who has won so many titles should have the leadership role "They always say that there is not enough space for young drivers and then I think, if someone has been a world champion seven times, he has actually done enough and could make room for young people, why not?" he added.

"For me (Hamilton should continue), otherwise it would be bad for George because then he could not beat him, and I think he would like to beat him. I wouldn't blame George for that. "
"It is no longer a rough diamond, but a partially polished diamond," "A little far from the potential he can have, so he can develop and improve in Mercedes," concluded Jost Capito. We will see how George Russell manages in the new environment, but it is obvious that he has huge potential.