Can Ricardo and Norrish return McLaren to former glory in 2022?

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Can Ricardo and Norrish return McLaren to former glory in 2022?

Having found them in the fourth spot in constructors’ standing, the British outfit are still struggling to vent out a way back to very front of the grid, while returning to their former glory in Formula One with Lando Norris along with Daniel Ricciardo behind the steering wheel seems to be a far cry so far.

One of the most intense questions hammering the McLaren F1 Team is whether Ricciardo could get on terms with Norris this season after making his way into McLaren from Renault last season. Although, odds are lowering against McLaren that it might take a few years to cement its position on the top-tier grid, but after a long five-year in Red Bull, Ricciardo ought to find himself alienated up to some extent in the team despite the grunts of grooming and McLaren’s reliance on Mercedes-powered engine.

Last season did not start off well for Ricciardo as planned and the Australian ended far behind Norris with an average rating of six out of ten, finishing at the middling eighth and 45 points behind his teammate Lando Norris and had been beaten up without points on eight occasions, illustrating the scale of hardship the 32-year-old Italian-Australian had been facing off.

Can Norris and Ricardo find their back to winning ways?

Despite the clouts whirling over McLaren last season with a new partnership behind the wheel, there has been a consolation as Ricciardo had seized a stunning Italian Grand Prix win, however, the win came against a backdrop where Ricciardo had been heavily leveraged following a collision on the top of the racing line.

Even so, Monza 2021 could be contemplated as a well-deserved victory given his stellar pace throughout the weekend. Still, a rancorous rift remained wide-open last season between Norris and Ricciardo and it remains a subject to utter dubitability whether the Australian could match his British team mate’s performance this season.

If Norris and Ricciardo have to squeeze something out of 2022, where they have every possibility to be bushed by Red Bull and Ferrari, let alone Mercedes, the two drivers must match each other’s performance level.