Alfa Romeo to launch new car after first test

Alfa Romeo F1 team said earlier this week that its new car, the C42, would not be unveiled until the opening test of this season

by Sourav D
Alfa Romeo to launch new car after first test

Earlier in the week, Alfa Romeo Formula One team said in a statement that its 2022 F1 car would not be officially unveiled until after the opening test of this season, however, the car would take part in the three-day long session in Barcelona on an interim basis.

In factuality, the statement added that Alfa Romeo’s new F1 car, C42, would not appear until Feb. 27, but the team also had reaffirmed that the C42 would participate in the opening test that is due to take place in Barcelona.

This year’s F1 pre-season test is scheduled to begin on Feb. 25. In the matter of the fact, the FIA arranged only two pre-season tests this season such as the Barcelona pre-season test which has been branded as a total ‘shakedown’ by Formula One and the Bahrain pre-season test.

This season is due to begin in Bahrain as well.

Alfa Romeo to launch new car two days after first test

In point of fact, latest move from Alfa Romeo comes forth as Formula One management have reformed its technical regulation this year in expectation of an overall improvement in the quality of wheel-to-wheel racing, illustrating that this season’s test races should be tantalizing in terms of quality as most teams have reportedly been vying to cope up with their all-new designs.

Although, Alfa Romeo will be launching its first car of 2022 two days after the first test, but that should not affect the team’s preparation, as its C42 is expected to be present on both tests, when its entirely new driving pair Valtteri Bottas alongside Guanyu Zhou will be handed out a real-time track event with the new car for first time.

A full list of car launch dates confirmed so far has been here. Aston Martin- Feb 10 McLaren – Feb 11 AlphaTauri – Feb 14 Ferrari- Feb 17 Mercedes Feb 18 Alpine- Feb 21 Alfa Romeo- Feb 27

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