Musk says he will reverse Twitter ban on Donald Trump

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Musk says he will reverse Twitter ban on Donald Trump
Musk says he will reverse Twitter ban on Donald Trump

In what has been widely contemplated as a dubitable remark that could step up the Tesla boss Elon Musk’s growing acrimony with US SEC (Security and Exchange Commission), the world’s richest man says on Tuesday that he will reverse the Twitter ban on former US President Donald Trump when the purchase will be completed, suggesting that there might be a whirlpool of changes in the California-based microblogging platform over coming days.

In factuality, latest remark from the Tesla boss came forth as shareholders are quoted saying that Musk is highly unlikely to purchase Twitter at $44 billion. Just a couple of weeks ago, Musk had cut a $44 billion deal to purchase Twitter, while under the financial terms of the accord, Twitter will be taken private following conclusion of the purchase.

Apart from that, Musk would likely to act as a temporary Chief of Twitter once the purchase in completed, a press agency report had unveiled citing sources familiar with the subject matter.

On top of that, Musk also said on Tuesday that he would remain Tesla Chief as well, as long as he thinks he is useful for the automaker.

Musk says he will reverse ban on Trump’s Twitter account

Meanwhile, speaking in a Financial Times Future of the car conference, Musk was quoted saying that he alongside the Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey have found a common ground on account bans and “permanent bans” should be extremely rare.

Besides, Musk also added that the decision should be taken for the accounts which operate bots or spams. Expressing vocal support against a ban on Trump’s Twitter account, which had had an 88 million followers, Musk said the decision to ban Trump’s account was “morally wrong and flat-out stupid.

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