Instagram is testing a full-screen feed like the one on TikTok

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Instagram is testing a full-screen feed like the one on TikTok

The social network Instagram is testing a new full-screen version of its feed that allows you to view the posts and the feeling of use offered by the mega-popular TikTok. Insight into the testing was posted on Instagram by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the company Meta, which owns the mentioned social network, and he said that the new look will be available to "some people soon"

The app started the test phase of the full-screen feed last month, but in that test, the posts didn’t actually take up the entire screen. However, the new version shared by Zuckerberg shows posts to the top of the screen, just like on TikTok.

The new-look also brings a diameter of shortcuts to access the inbox and create new posts. Although in the test phase, these changes are in line with Meta's intention to make competition with TikTok a priority. On Instagram, this means inserting more Reels and “suggested” content into the user feed, as well as highlighting clips more than photos.

“We want to make it easier to discover content and connect with friends,” Zuckerberg writes. “Photos are still an important part of Instagram, and we’re working on ways to improve the way they show up in a full-screen Feed too.

Some people will start seeing this test soon. Excited to hear your feedback!”

No longer a photo-sharing app

“We are no longer a photo-sharing app,” Mosseri says bluntly in a video posted to Twitter. “The number one reason people say they use Instagram, in research, is to be entertained”.

“And so people are looking to Instagram to be entertained, and there’s stiff competition, and there is more to do and we have to embrace that,” he continues. “And that means change”. Meta is also planning a major redesign of the Facebook app and will insert more recommended content into user feeds compared to the posts of friends and pages they follow.

Zuckerberg said the changes are part of a broader shift toward AI recommendations instead of simply relying on existing social graphs of users.