Percy Jackson’ Disney+ series makes three new addition to cast

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Percy Jackson’ Disney+ series makes three new addition to cast

“Percy Jackson and the Olympian,” the series which Disney+ greenlit back in January this year, added three new casts, a press agency report had unveiled late on Thursday citing at least three sources who wished to remain anonymous considering the scale of sensitivity of the issue.

On top of that, according to the press agency report, Dior Goodjohn will join the series as Clarisse La Rue, while Olivea Morton alongside Charlie Bushnell will play the roles of Nancy Bobofit and Luke Castellan respectively.

Nonetheless, both Goodjohn and Bushnell would more likely to appear in guest star roles. Apart from GoodJohn, Bushnell and Morton, the press agency report has cited one of the sources as saying that Virginia Kull, Jason Mantozoukas, Glynn Turman alongside Timm Sharp also would join as guess roles in Disney+ “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”.

Disney+ “Percy Jackson” adds three more casts

Aside from that, Clarisse La Rue will be portrayed as the child of Ares, the god of war. Besides, as the storyline will evolve, Clarisse will turn out to be a strong-willed and an uncompromising fighter who will not let anything stand in her way of winning.

Besides, the character has been decorated as intensely loyal to her close friends, however, she is a bully to Percy. Goodjohn had recently appeared in HBO Max’s “Head of the Class,” Aside from that, “Percy Jackson” would highly likely to be the first major break for Morton, while the same could be said for Bushnell, who only had appeared once in TV shows previously.

The live-action Disney+ TV show is based on Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson novel.