The largest vertical farm opened in Dubai, uses 95 % less water

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The largest vertical farm opened in Dubai, uses 95 % less water

Vertical farms are a powerful alternative and solution to the land crisis, and they are no less functional than traditional ones. Also, they save huge amounts of water. Although vertical farms are not new, one has attracted attention because it is the largest vertical farm in the world that is ready to produce more than 900,000 kilograms of green vegetables per year.

The farm called Bustanica was built by Crop One Holdings in cooperation with Emirates Flight Catering and was opened in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, not far from Al Maktoum International Airport. The surface of the farm is 30,658 square meters.

The vegetables that will be grown on this farm will be "completely clean" because they will grow without pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Also, the farm uses 95 percent less water compared to traditional farms and will produce three tons of produce per day thanks to the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis.

A sustainable future

“We are proud to bring Crop One’s best-in-class technology to this innovative food production facility alongside our joint venture partner. ECO 1 will address growing supply chain challenges and food security issues, while introducing millions of new consumers to the benefits of vertically farmed produce,” said Craig Ratajczyk, Chief Executive Officer at Crop One.

“It’s our mission to cultivate a sustainable future to meet global demand for fresh, local food, and this new farm is the manifestation of that commitment. This new facility serves as a model for what’s possible around the globe”.

The plant uses a closed system that allows water to circulate through the plants in order to use it efficiently. Water evaporates during the irrigation process and is recycled into the system, which saves 250 million liters of water every year compared to traditional open farms with the same production output.

Green vegetables will be served to passengers on the planes of the Emirates company, as well as other airlines that cooperate with Emirates Flight Catering. It will also be sold in local stores under the Bustanica brand.