Apple's iPhone will introduce the Clean Energy Charging feature this year

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Apple's iPhone will introduce the Clean Energy Charging feature this year

Although iOS 16 has only just arrived, Apple has already revealed details about what's next for this operating system. It is a feature called Clean Energy Charging, which the company will offer to users in the US a little later this year as part of an update.

This function will optimize the charging time for the period when the electricity grid uses more sustainable energy sources. Apple says the goal is to reduce the iPhone's carbon footprint. “Global warming and the impact humanity has on the planet is one of the biggest challenges we currently face.

Which is why as a publication it’s important we factor it into our coverage and help readers understand the impact each device they buy, and we review, has on the environment,” said Trusted Reviews Editor-in-Chief Alastair Stevenson back in July.

This feature complements the Optimizing Battery Charging option that Apple introduced a few years ago to maximize the "health" of the battery. By activating this setting, the iPhone "learns" the daily charging routine and limits the battery charge to 80 percent by the time the user starts using their iPhone or Mac again that also has the same function.

Apple explains:

"In your region, iPhone will try to reduce your carbon footprint by selectively charging when lower carbon emission electricity is available. iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can reach full charge before you need to use it." In addition, iCloud Shared Photo Library is also coming this year, and it's about creating a separate iCloud library that can be accessed by up to six people.

Apple will also introduce support for the Matter smart home standard when it becomes available this fall. iPhone users compatible with iOS 16 now have access to a number of new features primarily related to personalization.

The Live Activities feature makes it easy to track certain things in real-time, such as delivery status or sports scores. The option to edit and retrieve sent messages in the iMessage application will be a big deal for many, as will the ability to copy and "paste" objects from one photo to another.

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