Austin’s Tesla recalls over 1.1 mln US vehicles to update window reversing software

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Austin’s Tesla recalls over 1.1 mln US vehicles to update window reversing software

On Thursday, Tesla Inc., the Austin, Texas-headquartered e-vehicle industry trailblazer, had been met with another blow from the US NHTSA (National Highway and Transport Safety Administration), as Tesla Inc has been forced to make one of its largest recall that would include a whacking 1.1 million vehicles.

In March this year, Tesla recalled 130,000 cars, while a month after, it was asked to recall another 48,000 cars in the US. According to NHTSA, Tesla Inc’s window reversal system might not work due to an obstruction which might enhance risk of an injury.

In the latest flashpoint of one of the largest recalls for Tesla Inc., US NHTSA has been playing rough against Tesla Inc since reveal of Elon Musk’s aggressive expansion stratagem. Amid a Sino-US trade embargo, Tesla Inc had developed a Gigafactory in Shanghai in less than six months, while its Berlin Gigafactory in effect would shield Tesla from additional taxation stemming from an EU-US trade-row over Airbus subsidiary issue, however had ramped up scrutiny from an incumbent Biden Administration.

Nonetheless, the e-vehicle manufacturer had told the NHTSA that it would execute a software update of its automatic window reversal system through cloud.

Tesla recalls 1.1 million US vehicles

Aside from that, the recall had covered Model 3 vehicles between model year 2017 and 2022 alongside Model Y vehicles between model year 2020 and 2021.

Aside from that, Tesla Inc would recall some Model S and Model X vehicles between model year 2021 and 2022. After falling as much as 2.55 per cent on Wednesday, Tesla Inc shares’ prices pummelled as much as 4.3 per cent on Thursday following the US NHTSA announcement, while the e-vehicle industry pioneer was last trading 1.5 per cent lower to $288.59 a share in pre-market trading.