Here is what Apple's iPhone SE 4 may look like

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Here is what Apple's iPhone SE 4 may look like

There is a lot of speculation about Apple's new iPhone SE, and sources say that it will be based on the iPhone XR model. Tipster Jon Prosser relayed the information from a reliable source, while Ian Zelbo used it to create 3D renders that reveal what the new SE could look like.

SE series smartphones are a few years behind the premium series smartphones in terms of technology, as expected. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the "old" tooth is still present on the screen, whereas the narrower one was introduced only last year with the iPhone 13 series.

Aside from these shortcomings, the device is also devoid of a fingerprint sensor and does not have a physical Home button, while the old camera design has been changed. As for the colors, they are new, and Midnight, Starlight, and Product(RED) will be available.

The XR's color scheme, which includes yellow, red, and blue, isn't too different from the palette for the new 10th-generation iPad. However, the iPhone XR had an Apple 12 processor, the SE (2022) uses the A15, as do the iPhone 14 duo without the Pro tag.

This doesn't really leave any options other than the A15 processor as the A16 seems too expensive for the SE model. Apple may use a 5-core GPU version of the A15 processor to offer a minor improvement over the current SE. In addition, the new SE could get more RAM and a larger battery with faster charging.

These are also the primary differences between the iPhone SE (2022) and the iPhone 8 on which it is based, and the point is to keep up with the times.

How much will the iPhone SE 4 cost?

Throughout the three existing generations, prices have steadily increased, no doubt due to global component and distribution costs.

iPhone SE (3rd gen, 2022):

  • 64GB: $429/£449
  • 128GB: $479/£499
  • 256GB: $579/£609
iPhone SE (2nd gen, 2020):
  • 64GB: $399/£419
  • 128GB: $449/£469
  • 256GB: $549/£569
iPhone SE (1st gen, 2016):
  • 32GB: $399/£379
  • 128GB: $499/£449
It's possible that the SE will have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port, but that's not certain. On the other hand, Apple's iPad has already switched to USB-C.