YouTube challenges TikTok, trying to parade users to the rival company!

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YouTube challenges TikTok, trying to parade users to the rival company!
YouTube challenges TikTok, trying to parade users to the rival company!

YouTube, through video sharing, uses standard HTML5 tags in new browser versions (Adobe Flash Video in older ones) to view a wide range of videos from both individual users and media companies (CBS, BBC, Rai , Vevo) and by ordinary users, who offer part of their material through the site as subscribed in the YouTube partnership program.

The partnership also allows users, based on the results obtained from the videos, to obtain a cash reward in exchange for sponsorship, starting from 1000 subscribers on their channel. Any activity prior to the arrival of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views will still be counted, before this goal there is no monetization.

Now YouTube will trie to get TikTok users with a new look! TikTok was created first for the smartphone and is a much smoother experience. It's a little easier to get in and out of TikTok than YouTube, even though the platform has started offering smaller-sized videos via YouTube Shorts.

YouTube's new ambient mode uses dynamic color sampling to adjust the background color based on the hue of the video. This feature is available with the dark theme on YouTube mobile and desktop. Links in video descriptions will now appear as buttons, so they're easy to locate and tap.

The subscribe button has also been improved with higher contrast, so grab your attention. YouTube's new pinch-to-zoom feature for mobile, which works just like you're in Google Photos or another gallery app. Just pinch the video screen to start zooming.

TikTok is considered to be YouTube's current main rival today. With YouTube's precise search ability on desktop and mobile devices, you can drag the slider across the timeline to preview thumbnails in the video player and stop at the right spot.

The new YouTube enhancements are available by the end of the week. YouTube is undergoing a makeover, which includes improved playback options, a better mechanism for scrolling through videos, and the ability to zoom in. Update available for iOS and Android devices.


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