Oil Reporter was an app to find high-resolution images of the Gulf Coast


Oil Reporter was an app to find high-resolution images of the Gulf Coast

Oil Reporter was an app that can be downloaded on Android and on Apple app store, where people shared information which is then shared with everyone. The application had an initial success, but then disappeared. Dr. Eric Frost and the San Diego State University Visualization Center team will be the data repository for Oil Reporter and lead a team of academic partners to provide technical assistance and products to on-demand response organizations.

Web Oil Reporter app for iPhone and Android was created for CrisisCommons by Brendan Lim, Chris Selmer, Jonathan Nelson and Sean Soper of Intridea, a Washington, DC-based web products and services company specializing in agile application development, in UI design and customization solutions for mobile apps.

But what was Oil Reporter?

Oil Reporter's Adopt-A-Beach was an app will offer the opportunity to review high-resolution images of the Gulf Coast and map data elements such as oil presence perimeters and injured wildlife in remote areas where access to physical evaluation is limited.

High resolution images were provided greater understanding and the ability to share data from these sources to the public. The Appcelerator team created Oil Tracker, the complementary app to Oil Reporter, to enable real-time mapping of Oil Reporter data.

Appcelerator has volunteered to lead a mobile developer pairing program to join mobile developers with response organizations to build their own Oil Reporter app with custom data elements and features. Oil Reporter could not have been done without the many volunteers within CrisisCommons and organizations like Emicus and Edgecase who contributed their thoughts and perspectives to this team's development and open data collaboration.

The coast along the gulf is the main center of economic activity in the region. The discovery of offshore natural gas oilfields, coupled with the ease of transportation, has made the Gulf Coast the heart of the U.S. petrochemical industry.

Furthermore, in this region there are other important industries such as aerospace and biomedical research, in addition to old productions such as agriculture. It was possible to download Oil Reporter from the Apple App Store and from Google Play Store Google Android App Store.