Air India closes in historic order for up to 500 jets

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Air India closes in historic order for up to 500 jets
Air India closes in historic order for up to 500 jets

Air India, the flagship carrier of India headquartered in New Delhi, has been mulling an option to place a multi-billion order for as many as 50 jetliners from both Airbus alongside Boeing Co., as the airlines look forward to a mass-scale expansion strategem of the Tata Group Conglomerate.

On top of that, a press agency report had quoted sources familiar with the subject-matter who wished to remain anonymous as saying that the orders would likely to include as many as 400 narrow-body jets alongside 100 or more wide-body airlines.

Aside from that, the orders would include dozens of Airbus A350s as well as Boeing 787s alongside 777s, the sources said. Apart from that, the blockbuster order came forth just days after Tata had announced its merger with Vistara, a JV based on Singapore.

India’s tata to place historic orders for 500 jetliners

According to aviation industry analysts, a deal such as this could surpass at least a whopping upsum of $100 billion, while the order in effect would likely to be the biggest the aviation industry had ever witnessed.

Previously, a combined order of 460 Airbus alongside Boing Co jets from American Airlines what had been made over a decade earlier, has been the largest order in global aviation industry.

Even if the Tata is provided with a steep discount, such kind of deal would cost tens of billions of dollars, suggested analysts. Besides, the orders in effect would help cheer up a tottering aviation industry across the globe.

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