Peter Schiff Urges Crypto Investors to Sell Digital Assets and Invest in Gold

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Peter Schiff Urges Crypto Investors to Sell Digital Assets and Invest in Gold

In a recent interview with TD Ameritrade Network, well-known Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff urged crypto investors to sell their digital assets and move the profits into physical gold. Schiff, who has long been a fan of gold, believes that it is a much safer and more reliable store of value, with greater potential for serious gains in the future.

He also argues that gold provides a better hedge against economic collapses, as it retains its intrinsic value even in the event of a market collapse, while cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer very little security. "My advice to people in the crypto community is to get out of crypto.

You can still take $17k for your worthless Bitcoin. I suggest you sell it and buy gold," Schiff said. He went on to claim that Bitcoin is not a viable investment option for those looking for long-term value preservation or inflation protection.

Schiff has consistently criticized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their lack of intrinsic value and extreme volatility, and has argued that gold is a much better choice for investors.


"The problem with the dollar is it has no intrinsic value.

Gold will store its value, and you'll always be able to buy more food with your gold," Schiff has said in the past. In a tweet about the "crypto extinction," he also suggested that gold "will rise again to lead a new breed of asset-backed cryptos." Schiff's latest comments reflect his long-held belief that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not suitable investments.

"This is not a #crypto winter. That implies spring is coming. This is also not a crypto ice age, as even that came to an end after a couple of million years," he wrote in a tweet. "This is crypto extinction." He also argued that Bitcoin does not meet "any requirements" as a store of value or inflation hedge, while gold satisfies "those requirements." Overall, Schiff's message to the crypto community is clear: sell your digital assets and invest in gold instead.

He believes that gold is a much more reliable and secure option, with greater potential for long-term gains. Whether or not his advice is followed remains to be seen, but it is clear that Schiff is a strong advocate for gold and a vocal critic of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.