Why Elon Musk set his Twitter account to private mode

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Why Elon Musk set his Twitter account to private mode

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has announced that he has set his account to private to determine the level of engagement of his tweets. The decision was made after Ian Miles Cheong said that after setting his profile to private, his posts saw an increase in the number of Likes and views compared to when it was public.

Cheong released his test results showing a comparison of the data. Musk labeled them extremely worrying and announced that he would conduct a new experiment. Musk wrote: "I'm going to make my account private until tomorrow morning to see if my tweets perform any better." For 24 hours, Musk's tweets were only accessible by his 127 million followers, before his profile returned to public.

Apparently Cheong's statements were true and in fact the number one of the platform said: "This test allowed me to identify some system-level problems that will be corrected within the next week."

We recall that since Elon Musk took became Twitter new ownership, the social media advertisers have been on the run, with advertising reportedly dropping on social media by 71% in December 2022 alone.

The situation is highlighted above all by the data, published by the Standard Media Index, relating to November and December: in two particularly favorable months of the year for advertising sales, Twitter recorded -55% and -71% advertising sold over the same period last year.

Results made even worse by the fact that the platform's management has launched an expansion of the boundaries on the categories of advertising shown, including, for example, politicians' commercials. According to the analysis of the analyst group Pathmatics, the sharp drop in advertising sales in November and December is certainly no coincidence.

In fact, it was born in correspondence with Twitter's choice to grant any user the blue check, provided they pay a subscription of $7.99 a month. A decision that has created much controversy. Elon Musk, during a meeting with all Twitter employees, talked about the future plans that involve the famous social media, transforming it into a bank.

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