ChatGpt in the US is paid: 20 $ per month

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ChatGpt in the US is paid: 20 $ per month

ChatGpt has become paid in the US, at a price of 20 dollars a month. Announced in recent days always on the OpenAI blog a tool to distinguish whether the text was written by artificial intelligence from one written by man.

It's called the AI Text Classifier and should help spot any automated disinformation campaigns, fake academic texts, and chatbots that want to make you think you're human. After an initial experiment he was able to correctly identify 26% of the text written by ChatGPT with the label probably written by the AI.

False negatives, i.e. texts accredited to AI without being so, amounted to 9%. The margin of error remains quite high for now. According to the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, the service is called ChatGPT Plus and offers subscribers priority access to the chatbot's services, even during traffic peaks, thus ensuring faster response times and the possibility of experimenting with new features and improvements as they become available.

ChatGpt in the US is paid: 20 $ per month

For the moment, ChatGPT Plus is only available to customers in the United States, chosen by customers from the waiting list that appeared online some time ago to express their interest in the pro plan and which contained a questionnaire asking would-be users also an idea of the price they would have deemed appropriate for the subscription.

As stated in the blog, the company is committed to offering free access to ChatGpt, with the money from the subscriptions they will be used to increase the accessibility of the service to as many people as possible. The first rumors spoke of subscriptions with much higher figures, 42 dollars a month.

After all, it can be argued that there is some urgency for the Silicon Valley startup: the chatbot is seeing record user growth, indeed analysts at Swiss investment bank UBS are openly talking about consumer apps growing faster than the history.

According to what Reuters reported yesterday, ChatGPT has reached 100 million monthly active users just two months after its launch; TikTok took 9 months, Instagram even 2 and a half years.

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