Ford set to return into F1 in 2026 with Red Bull

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Ford set to return into F1 in 2026 with Red Bull

Late on Friday, the Detroit-based third-largest car manufacturer in the US behind Tesla Inc alongside General Motor, Ford Motor Corp had issued a statement saying that the carmaker would fling itself back into Formula One by 2026 in partnership with Red Bull F1 team.

In the matter of the fact, the US-based auto-industry giant had revealed its return into the F1 arena during Red Bull’s launching event in New York. Besides, branding its partnership with Red Bull F1 as strategical, Ford said in a statement, “partnership…will provide expertise in areas including battery cell and electric motor technology as well as power unit control software and analytics and combustion engine development”.

Ford set to return into Formula 1 by 2026

On top of that, the latest move from Ford to tie up with Red Bull F1 team by 2026, also would witness a joint endeavour between Red Bull’s new engine company, Red Bull Powertrains and the Detroit-based carmaker.

Meanwhile, followed by the announcement, expressing a through and through optimism over the deal, F1 Chief Stefano Domenicali said in a statement, “The news today that Ford is coming to Formula One from 2026 is great for the sport and we are excited to see them join the incredible automotive partners already in Formula One.

They are a global brand with an incredible heritage in the racing and automotive world and they see the huge value that our platform provides with over half a billion fans around the world. Our commitment to be Net Zero Carbon by 2030 and to introduce sustainable fuels in the F1 cars from 2026 is also an important reason for their decision to enter F1.

We believe that our sport provides the opportunity and reach unlike any other and we cannot wait for the Ford logo to be racing round F1's iconic circuits from 2026”

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