Tesla employees against Elon Musk: "Check to understand how hard we work."

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Tesla employees against Elon Musk: "Check to understand how hard we work."
Tesla employees against Elon Musk: "Check to understand how hard we work."

The New York Times in 2022 explained that eight out of ten large private companies monitor the productivity of their employees. The methods are varied, from mouse tracking, to the accumulation of points on electronic scoreboards, or computers that take surprise photos during working hours.

The penalty: losing your job. Now Tesla employees are in revolt against Elon Musk. The prosecution? Tesla employees in Buffalo would be monitored through a keyboard. Just calculate how many times the keys are pressed and keep track of the sequences to understand how and how much an employee works.

The company's workers explained to Bloomberg that they were spied on by their managers, six employees admitted that they even missed bathroom breaks to avoid being called back. The monitoring system is as simple as it is effective, by tracing every movement on a computer keyboard it is possible to find out who works the most, for how long, and at what speed.

Tesla workers harshly attack Elon Musk: here's what really happened

Tesla was already accused last year of tracking employee attendance at the office by checking how often workers used their badges to log in. Musk said: "In America people are trying to avoid going to work." He then informed the employees that they would have to work a 40-hour week by sending them weekly updates of the work done.

Not only that: on February 14, workers sent an email to Elon Musk. They informed him that they will turn to the unions to ensure adequate wages and benefits and curb the company's monitoring system. The company's response comes the next day, firing those who protest.

Jaz Brisack, of Workers United said: "This is a form of collective retaliation against the group of workers who initiated this organizing effort. The layoffs are designed to scare everyone about the potential consequences of their organizing as well as attempt to bring down the herd."

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