"Defending Every Inch of NATO": Biden Assures Eastern European Allies

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"Defending Every Inch of NATO": Biden Assures Eastern European Allies
"Defending Every Inch of NATO": Biden Assures Eastern European Allies

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden held a meeting with the leaders of the Bucharest Nine, a group of NATO members from Eastern Europe, in Warsaw. In the meeting, Biden assured the leaders that the United States would defend "every inch of NATO" in a security guarantee, after Russia announced that it would no longer participate in the historic nuclear arms control treaty.

The Commitment of the United States to NATO

Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision as a "big mistake" before his session with the Bucharest Nine, and emphasized the clear commitment of the United States to NATO.

"The commitment of the United States to NATO ... is absolutely clear. Article 5 is a sacred commitment the United States has made. We will defend literally every inch of NATO, every inch of NATO," Biden said. The Bucharest Nine, made up of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia, were part of the Moscow-dominated Warsaw Pact until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As NATO's eastern flank, they are considered the front line of the collective defense and understand the stakes involved in the conflict.

A Joint Statement of Support

In a joint statement after the meeting, the Bucharest Nine pledged to strengthen the military presence on their territory as a deterrent to Moscow and reiterated their support for Ukraine. "Russia is the most significant and direct threat to allied security," the declaration stated, signed by Hungary, the only NATO member besides Turkey that has not yet ratified the accession of Sweden and Finland, reports REUTERS.

"We will continue to support Ukraine's efforts to this end, as long as necessary," the statement said, emphasizing the unwavering support for Ukraine. The White House's statement about the talks between the US and the Bucharest Group stated that they "reaffirmed their unwavering support for Ukraine and emphasized that they stand together with the Ukrainian people for as long as it takes." In July, the leaders also agreed to further strengthen unity and common defense at the NATO summit in Lithuania.

The commitment of the United States and the Bucharest Nine to NATO and the defense of their nations serves as a reminder of the continued importance of the alliance in maintaining peace and stability in Europe.

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