This is how much Elon Musk polluted in 2022 with 171 private flights!

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This is how much Elon Musk polluted in 2022 with 171 private flights!
This is how much Elon Musk polluted in 2022 with 171 private flights!

Elon Musk flew 171 times on his private jet in 2022. Pollution produced by vehicles, including aircraft, is one of the causes that lead to the destruction of environments and habitats. Behind him, with 115 flights, is Mark Zuckerberg, who also likes to travel on private planes.

In third position is the millionaire Larry Ellison, head of Oracle. According to Bloomberg, the approximately 2,112 tons of greenhouse gases emitted in 2022 by flights on Musk's personal jet are a small fraction of the 8.4 million tons that Tesla electric cars saved us in 2021, but what a carbon footprint of Musk is more than 140 times that of the average American, and to make up for it, a Tesla Model 3 would have to replace a conventional combustion car for 7 million miles of travel.

Jack Sweeney, a 20-year-old student, had begun tracking and sharing updates on the movements of Musk's jet on Twitter, drawing Musk's ire. he first offered to compensate him, to make him stop wanting to follow him, then he closed his personal account on Twitter and reported him.

Elon Musk is the richest man in the world

Elon Musk is once again the richest man in the world. The CEO of Twitter and Tesla surpassed Bernard Arnault and returned to the top of the world according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Shares of Tesla closed on Wall Street up 5.5% pushing Musk's wealth to $187.1 billion. Arnault is instead worth 185.3 billion dollars. The past few months have been difficult for Musk and Tesla stock has taken a toll with shareholders reeling from the specter of another sale of shares in the electric car giant by Musk to defray the expenses and costs of the company's takeover.

Despite fears, Tesla closed the fourth quarter with a profit jump of 59% to 3.7 billion dollars and revenues up 37% to 24.3 billion. Musk has subjected Twitter to a drastic slimming cure, more than halving its staff and exploring alternative avenues to increase revenues.

The billionaire recently admitted that he will probably need more time to stabilize the social network, perhaps until the end of the year. Only then will he pass the baton to a new CEO. Elon had entered 2023 with 137 billion after losing 200 billion in 2022 with the acquisition of Twitter and investor fears about the Tesla holding with Musk distracted by the company chirping and growing competition.

According to the Financial Times, Elon Musk is interested in turning Twitter into a payment platform that can compete with Apple Pay and Paypal.

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