Elon Musk could buy Silicon Valley Bank!

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Elon Musk could buy Silicon Valley Bank!

Elon Musk would seem interested in buying Silicon Valley Bank, after its bankruptcy, the second worst since 2008, which is terrorizing the markets for fear of a new Lehman Brothers case.
On Twitter, about the bankruptcy, in response to a user proposing that Twitter buy the bank, Musk replied: "I'm open to the idea." Musk, who helped launch Paypal, bought Twitter for $44 billion at the end of October 2022 and as he aims to add payment methods to the platform, buying a bank like Silicon Valley Bank is likely to help him in the project .

Tesla's investors didn't take kindly that he sold billions of shares in the company to finance the takeover of Twitter. In December, Leo Koguan, a major shareholder, called for a change of leadership, tweeting: "Elon has left Tesla and now the company doesn't have an operating CEO.

Tesla needs and deserves to have one working full time. " In the conversation, other users said they were in favor. "I think Twitter could use a financial arm," wrote Mikael Pawlo, brand manager at Swedish fintech firm Bokio.

"What an opportunity," said Kevin Paffrath, CEO of HouseHack, a real estate and artificial intelligence startup.

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A Elon Musk documentary-film will be produced by director Alex Gibney's company Jigsaw Productions, in collaboration with Closer Media, Anonymous Content and Double Agent.

Currently, however, a distributor or streaming service has not been identified on which to release the documentary. Stacey Offman and Richard Perello will executive produce on behalf of Jigsaw Productions. No comment instead came from the protagonist or Elon Musk.

Gibney, Oscar with Taxy to the Dark Side but also known for Enron and Scientology and the prison of faith, would already be working on the film. In this case it seems that the title chosen for the film is precisely Musk and according to well-informed people it will allow us to have a concrete and non-guided vision of the billionaire entrepreneur who is the founder of Tesla.

Zhang Xin, founder of Closer Media, explained: "'This is the right time to draw a portrait of Elon Musk, one of the most influential figures of our time. Closer Media is thrilled to join forces with Alex Gibney, Anonymous Content and Double Agent to meet the challenge of representing Musk and his impact on the world."

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