Twitter will reply "s-h-i-t" to reporters!

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Twitter will reply "s-h-i-t" to reporters!
Twitter will reply "s-h-i-t" to reporters! (Provided by Financial World)

Elon Musk has announced that from now on the email address of the Twitter press office, dedicated to journalists, will automatically reply with an emoji, sh*t in a nutshell. A measure that seems to confirms the not exactly friendly relationship of the CEO of Twitter with journalists.

Last October, the New York Times pointed out that Musk had shared some contents of a notoriously conspiracy website. A piece of news that was ironically re-shared by the CEO of Twitter himself, who wrote: "That's not true, I've never shared a New York Times article." In December, Musk suspended the accounts of several journalists who had made posts critical of Twitter's decision to remove the account tracking his private jet.

This is the last step.

Latests about Musk

Elon Musk has announced that Twitter will make public the algorithms it uses to recommend tweets to each user, a transparent approach he has long advocated without putting it into practice.

Here's the announcement: "Twitter will open source all the code it uses to recommend tweets on March 31st. People are going to find a lot of stupid things, but we'll fix the problems as soon as we find them." The multibillionaire explained that Twitter's algorithms were complicated and little known, even within the Californian group.

He told: "Being transparent about your code will be very embarrassing at first, but should lead to rapid improvements in the quality of recommendations. We're developing a streamlined approach to highlighting the most interesting tweets." His first four months at the helm of the network were marked above all by waves of massive and abrupt layoffs, the flight of numerous advertisers, the chaotic launch of a paid subscription and technical breakdowns.

Many politicians, especially Republicans, believe it is biased against them, while human rights NGOs criticize the service, especially under Elon Musk, for not fighting enough against disinformation and harassment. Making the code open source also means that other developers or potential rivals could use it.

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