Elon Musk allegedly violated US labor law

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Elon Musk allegedly violated US labor law
Elon Musk allegedly violated US labor law

Elon Musk allegedly violated a federal labor law in 2018. The matter concerns the workers of Tesla. In 2018, on Twitter, Musk explained his position on the formation of unions within companies such as Tesla and SpaceX. In the case of Tesla, in particular, the billionaire had explained that there is nothing stopping Tesla employees in our production lines from voting to form a union.

They could do it tomorrow if they wanted. In a second tweet, the auto company's CEO added: "Why should workers pay the economic costs of a union and dispense with stock options for nothing? Our safety data is twice as good as it used to be, and everyone already has access to health insurance." United Auto Workers Union said Musk allegedly implicitly threatened his employees with words written on Twitter.

Musk would have linked union membership and the forced renunciation of options on Tesla shares, which however would not be automatic at all and, indeed, does not seem to be incompatible with the creation of worker networks.

Elon Musk allegedly violated US labor law

Business Insider said the legal proceedings have concluded, and the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has reportedly found Elon Musk guilty of breaking US labor law with what the judges said was an illegal threat to employees on the job.

point of founding a trade union. According to Tesla, the tweet had a very different meaning, and it was certainly not a veiled threat. With his words, in fact, Elon Musk simply meant that the workers of other companies do not receive shares and stock options of the companies they work for, but only their salary.

Elon Musk's tweet just wanted to highlight that Tesla employees received better treatment than that of other automotive companies, thanks also to the extra money linked to the shares assigned to employees. According to the major American trade union associations, on the other hand, Musk's was a real threat, and as such he was legally prosecuted.

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