Trump's 2024 Presidential Candidacy Reveals Income Sources

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Trump's 2024 Presidential Candidacy Reveals Income Sources
Trump's 2024 Presidential Candidacy Reveals Income Sources

As Donald Trump considers another run for the White House, he has released a 100-page tax return document to the election commission as part of his candidacy for the 2024 US presidential elections. The document provides a glimpse into the former president's diverse streams of income.

NFT Collectibles and International Projects

Trump's tax return discloses his involvement in trading NFT collectible cards that feature his image as a cowboy, astronaut, and military pilot. The document shows that he earned between 90,000 and 900,000 euros through the sale of these cards, which sell for $99 each.

In addition, the application mentions Trump's international projects, including a plan to build a 3.6 billion euro golf course in Oman in partnership with a Saudi real estate agency.

Lectures and Social Network

Trump's tax return also reveals that he earned over 4.5 million euros from lectures, with the money managed by CIC Ventures.

The parent company of his social network, Drusvenna istina, called Trump Media & Technology Group, brought him a mere 180 euros, but he holds a 90 percent stake in the company, estimated to be worth between 4.5 and 22.5 million euros.

The 2024 presidential candidate's tax returns are not without controversy. In 2022, a parliamentary commission published a report on some of his tax returns that he had attempted to conceal from the judiciary for a long time.

The document shows that in 2017, his first year in the White House, he paid only $750 in taxes, millions in 2018 and 2019, and nothing in 2020 when he suffered a $5 million loss and was defeated by Joe Biden. Trump's spokesperson, Steven Cheung, explained that the former president's significant financial holdings required additional time to file his financial disclosure report.

"President Trump has significant financial holdings, and we have advised the Federal Election Commission that additional time is needed to file his financial disclosure report," Cheung said in an email to CNN. Donald Trump's tax return reveals a mixed bag of income sources, including his involvement in NFT trading cards, international projects, lectures, and social networks.

However, his tax controversy still looms large, with his tax returns revealing that he paid minimal taxes in 2017 and nothing in 2020 when he suffered a $5 million loss. As the former president considers another run for the White House, his tax return will undoubtedly continue to generate much attention and scrutiny.

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