Bill Gates believes nuclear power is the future

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Bill Gates believes nuclear power is the future
Bill Gates believes nuclear power is the future (Provided by Financial World)

Bill Gates has posted content that is a celebration of nuclear power. He said is to be in the city of Kemmerer, Wyoming, to celebrate the design and construction of a next generation nuclear power plant. It is a project created by TerraPower, a company that he himself founded in 2008.

Bill Gates, in his book on how to avoid climate disaster, had already spoken out in favor of nuclear energy. He said: "We need nuclear power if we are to meet the world's growing energy needs while eliminating carbon emissions.

None of the other clean sources are as reliable, and none of the other clean sources are as clean. The Natrium Plant it was designed to solve these problems and more. The Natrium plant uses liquid sodium, whose boiling point is more than 8 times that of water, so that it can absorb all the extra heat generated in the nuclear core.

Unlike water, sodium does not need to be pumped, because it rises as it heats and cools as it rises. Even if the power plant loses energy, the sodium will continue to absorb heat without reaching a dangerous temperature that would cause a melt.

the project was used a supercomputer to simulate and prevent any possible accident, so as to take shelter from disasters such as Chernobyl or Fukushima. With human impact in mind, the city of Kemmerer was chosen because it is home to a coal-fired power plant that is about to be closed after more than 50 years of operation.

The new plant will give a new job to the 110 workers involved. The construction site, on the other hand, will bring 1,600 construction jobs to the city."

Not only nuclear

Gates, in the latests weeks, talked non only about nuclear, but also about pandemic.

On the New York Times he said: "After Covid, an even worse pandemic will come, but there is still time to avoid it. Imagine there is a small fire in your kitchen. The fire alarm goes off, warning all the neighbors of the danger.

Someone calls 911. Try to put out the fire yourself, perhaps with a fire extinguisher under the sink. If that doesn't work, you know how to evacuate the premises safely. When you get outside, a fire engine is already on its way.

Firefighters use the hose in front of your house to put out the flames before your neighbors' houses catch fire. We must prepare to fight epidemics just like we do with fires: if a fire is left to rage out of control, it poses a threat not only to a home, but for an entire community.

The same goes for infectious diseases, but on a much larger scale. As Covid teaches us, an epidemic in one city can quickly spread throughout an entire country and then throughout the world. But it is not too late to prevent history from repeating itself.

We need a well-funded system that's ready to kick in as soon as danger emerges and that shouldn't depend on volunteers. We need a body of professionals in every country to control outbreaks wherever they occur."

Bill Gates