Elon Musk has found a new CEO for Twitter and it will be a woman!


Elon Musk has found a new CEO for Twitter and it will be a woman!

Sensational on Twitter: Elon Musk has officially announced there will be a new CEO for the social media, and it will be a woman. In about six weeks, Twitter will therefore officially have a new CEO. This was stated by billionaire Elon Musk in a tweet published last night.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new CEO of Twitter will be Linda Yaccarino, head of advertising at NBCUniversal. Yaccarino is already a well-known face in the media industry as she has been in her current position for over 10 years, during which she helped launch the streaming service Peacock, and before that she spent around 15 years at Turner Entertainment.

Last month, remember, Yaccarino also interviewed Musk on stage at an advertising event in Miami. In the tweet, Musk wanted to clarify and reveal an important detail. Using the pronoun she, the current CEO of the social network has in fact revealed that she will be a woman to hold the reins of the company: "I'm thrilled to announce that I have hired a new CEO for X/Twitter.

She will start in about 6 weeks."

Elon Musk has found a new CEO for Twitter and it will be a woman!

However, Elon Musk will remain executive president and chief technology officer, thus overseeing products, software and sysops.

For the new CEO, Twitter is in debt and has seen a major decline in advertising, its main source of revenue. However, many of these problems are linked to the current climate of uncertainty that the global economy is experiencing.

Musk had temporarily assumed the role of CEO after the acquisition of Twitter which took place last October, for 44 billion dollars. A few weeks later, Musk told a Delaware court that he did not want to be the CEO of any company.

Last December, the current CEO also of Tesla and SpaceX had also launched a survey on his social platform asking users whether or not he should leave the leadership of Twitter. About 17 million users took part in the survey, with 57% voting in favor of his departure.

After also insinuating that this result was the result of automated bots, Musk claimed that he would only step down once someone crazy enough to take his place was found. Last February, he said he would find someone to replace him probably towards the end of this year.

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