Elon Musk is betting everything on Laskie!

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Elon Musk is betting everything on Laskie!
Elon Musk is betting everything on Laskie! (Provided by Financial World)

Elon Musk's X Corp company made its first acquisition: Laskie, a tech talent recruiting service. The acquisition marks one of the billionaire's first major moves since he bought the social media service for $44 billion in October.

Most of Musk's moves so far have been aimed at reducing costs, cutting nearly 4,000 employees and reducing the company's spaces. According to Bloomberg, the deal would have concluded recently but would not have been made official yet to ensure that the transaction takes place in private form.

The operation allegedly took place partly through the exchange of shares and partly in cash. Although it was not possible to know the exact price, a source told the US newspaper Axios that it would be tens of millions of dollars.

Laskie is a San Francisco-based startup that specializes in recruiting tech talent. The founder and CEO, Chris Bakke, previously sold another startup, PitchBook, to the online job board Indeed. From that operation Laskie had raised about 6 million dollars.

The goal of the platform is to match the technological talent of workers with potential employers. According to the company itself, the platform is also able to confirm mutual interest between the parties, set clear job expectations and give visibility to the hiring process.

While it's unclear how Musk plans to integrate Laskie into the company, a message earlier this week appeared on Laskie's website that the platform is no longer available. It's probably a sign that something is about to change, we just need to figure out how Following the purchase, Musk made some important changes, primarily launching a reduction in the workforce, laying off 70% of employees, launching the paid "Twitter blue" service and introducing trading on the social platform, thanks to a collaboration with eToro.

In addition, Musk recently appointed Linda Yaccarino as CEO to improve the company's reputation and increase the number of advertisers. The CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter said he wants to turn Twitter into an app for everything, with a range of features to attract new users, including financial services.

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