Elon Musk attacks George Soros: "He hates humanity"

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Elon Musk attacks George Soros: "He hates humanity"
Elon Musk attacks George Soros: "He hates humanity" (Provided by Financial World)

Elon Musk has sensationally attacked philanthropist George Soros, accusing him of wanting to erode the fabric of society and of being like Magneto, antagonist of Marvel's X-Men, who fights to help mutants replace humans as the dominant species, and who hates humanity.

Elon Musk attacks the philanthropist in a series of tweets without specifying the reason for this sensational attack. Soros' investment fund reportedly sold all the Tesla shares he owned a few days ago. Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt said about: "Soros is often used by the far right as the source of the world's problems.

Seeing Elon Musk, no matter what his intent, liken him to a humanity-hating supervillain is dangerous. " Soros has for years been at the center of conspiracy theories due to his wealth, his religious faith, his investments and his Open Society Foundation.

More recently, his name has been associated by the American right with Manhattan attorney Alvin Bragg, accused of having been financed by the philanthropist.

Musk also against the Federal Reserve

Only some days ago, Elon Musk attacks the Federal Reserve.

The reason? Tesla's founder attacked the FR accusing it of being too slow to lower US interest rates. In an interview with CNBC, Musk expressed concern that the way the Fed is acting is too slow and will continue to be so in the coming months.

The billionaire said the data is somewhat outdated, predicting that the coming year will be difficult for Tesla and other companies as high interest rates weigh on consumers' budgets. On smart working, Musk says he is morally wrong, pointing out that turning on the computer at home reduces productivity.

And that it also sends the wrong signal to factory workers, or employees who don't have the option of remote work. "I say what I want, if it results in losing money, that's fine," he said. Tesla missed its margin target in the first quarter after aggressively cutting vehicle prices amid a slowing economy and growing competition.

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