Elon Musk leaves the agreement with the EU on fake news

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Elon Musk leaves the agreement with the EU on fake news
Elon Musk leaves the agreement with the EU on fake news

Elon Musk has decided to withdrawn Twitter from the EU Code on online disinformation, after the publication of a viral fake news on Twitter, according to which the American Pentagon would have been hit by an explosion, many have begun to consider the platform unreliable.

Instead improve the moderation of his social. The European Digital Services Act will come into force on August 25 and which will oblige Big Tech to adopt extra precautions and transparent policies in a large number of sectors, ranging from fair competition on the market to content moderation, up obviously to the fight against disinformation.

Twitter is among the 19 special observed Big Techs of the EU, and after the exit from the EU Voluntary Protection Code against fake news, it is possible that the legislators and the European bureaucracy will begin to seriously consider the limitations to the social network on the European territory, at least until it ensures adequate content moderation.

With the entry into force of the Digital Services Act, in fact, binding anti-fake news rules valid throughout the EU will be approved, which Big Techs will have to respect if they want to continue operating in the Old World.

If Twitter or other companies are not ready to adopt the guidelines of the DSA, which will come into force on August 25, they could face fines of up to 6% of their annual turnover.

Elon Musk has decided to withdraw Twitter from the EU Code

Twitter had signed the EU Code on disinformation in 2018: the Code is voluntary, therefore the exit of the platform from the latter is a legitimate act, which does not infringe any European legislation.

However, this move opens a deep rift with the Brussels authorities on the moderation of online disinformation content and campaigns. Twitter's new CEO Linda Yaccarino will have to handle the matter, knowing full well that poor moderation on Twitter could soon have huge financial repercussions for the company.

A tweet from European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, Thierry Breton, explained: "Twitter has left the voluntary EU Protection Code against disinformation. However, the obligations remain. You can try to escape, but you cannot hide.

Al Beyond the voluntary commitments, tackling disinformation will be a legal obligation starting August 25, when the DSA takes effect. And our team will be ready to implement the regulation."

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