Former Bill Gates lover photographed with a Russian spy!

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Former Bill Gates lover photographed with a Russian spy!
Former Bill Gates lover photographed with a Russian spy!

As reported by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Mila Antonova, former alleged Russian mistress of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, had been photographed, while she was dating Gates, with Russian spy Anna Chapman.

The image was published by the Daily Mail, and was taken between late 2009 and early 2010. The relationship between the two women is not yet clear. Anna Chapman was a sleeper spy who had moved into her New York City after her divorce from her ex-British husband, awaiting orders that she be captured before going into action as a spy.

her before even receiving them and going into action. This photo comes five days after Jeffrey Epstein revealed he was blackmailing Bill Gates over his secret relationship with Mila Antonova. Today, Mila is an entrepreneur who lives in Palo Alto, California, and works as a software engineer, specializing in Python and JavaScript development, at a company called Beyond Pricing.

Who is Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman, born Anna Vasil'evna Kushchenko, is a Russian secret agent who lived in New York when she was arrested along with nine other agents on June 27, 2010, accused of working for the Illegals Program, a network of sleeper secret agents unofficially part of the SVR, Russia's secret spy service.

Chapman was found guilty of conspiring to act as a secret agent of a foreign government without notifying the attorney general, and was flown back to Russia on July 8, 2010, in a prisoner exchange with the United States.

According to Alex Chapman, her British ex-husband, her father, Vasily Kushchenko, was a senior KGB officer. The family home is southwest of Ramenki, once an elite neighborhood for KGB officials, middle-ranking diplomats and army officers.

According to the Russian newspaper Komsomol'skaja Pravda, Kushchenko holds a senior position in the foreign affairs ministry. According to her ex-husband, Anna Chapman holds a master's degree in economics with honors from Moscow University. According to other sources, she obtained a degree from the Russian Peoples' Friendship University.

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