Tara Reade's Defection to Moscow Reignites Scandal Surrounding Joe Biden

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Tara Reade's Defection to Moscow Reignites Scandal Surrounding Joe Biden
Tara Reade's Defection to Moscow Reignites Scandal Surrounding Joe Biden

In a move that has sparked renewed global media attention, Tara Reade, the woman who accused President Joe Biden of se*ual assault during the 2020 presidential campaign, has reportedly defected to Moscow, according to CNN.

Reade's startling move to Russia and her recent statements made to Russian state media have rekindled debates surrounding her allegations against Biden.

A Controversial Past Revisited

Reade first made headlines in 2020 when she accused then-presidential candidate Biden of sexually harassing and assaulting her during her tenure in his Senate office back in 1993.

Biden, for his part, has persistently denied her claims. To date, no former Biden staffer has corroborated Reade's allegations or indicated witnessing or hearing about any sexual misconduct in his Senate office. In a 2020 interview with MSNBC, Biden categorically denied the accusations, stating that "it never happened." Further doubt was cast on Reade's claims as her credibility came under scrutiny, leading her to retreat from the media spotlight for a while.

A Surprising Turn of Events

Years after fading from the public eye, Reade emerged once again in Moscow this Tuesday. In a startling turn of events, she was seen sitting next to Maria Butina, a convicted Kremlin spy who now serves in the Russian parliament as a part of President Vladimir Putin's party.

In 2019, Butina was sentenced to 18 months in a US prison for conspiring to act as an unregistered foreign agent. During a press conference that stretched for hours, Reade shared that she had decided to move to Russia due to death threats she had received after repeating her allegations about Biden on Twitter.

She expressed her willingness to "testify under oath to Congress if requested." However, her claims of receiving death threats could not be confirmed by CNN reporters. She also stated during the press conference that, "For the first time in a very long time I felt safe, and I felt heard, and I felt respected.

That has not happened in my own country”.

Russia, Friend or Foe?

During the press conference, Reade pushed back against the prevailing view of Russia in the US, arguing that "this illusion of Russia as an enemy is propagated by a few Washington elites who are determined to cause problems”.

Reade's recent actions and statements are likely to further ignite a discourse on political relations between the US and Russia while bringing her own controversial past back into the spotlight.

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