Bill Gates love Inflection, the AI startup

Inflection would like to develop software capable of making communication between man and computer possible

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Bill Gates love Inflection, the AI startup

Bill Gates is interested in Inflection AI, an AI startup whose CEO and co-founder Mustafa Suleyman is the former executive of DeepMind, an AI company acquired in 2014 by Alphabet, the holding company that owns Google. Inflection would like to develop software capable of making communication between man and computer possible.

Once it is able to understand people's browsing and shopping needs and habits, it will use them to help them read the things they don't have time to read. Inflection shows empathy with the user and for Suleyman the goal is to make sure that the AI always knows that it is an AI and never tries to imitate a human being.

Inflection closed with $225 million with Greylock Partners, which incorporated it, and at the beginning of the year, according to the Financial Times, aimed to raise up to $675 million from investors. The team consists of around 30 AI developers, creative designers, writers and world innovators working together in a multidisciplinary way to create a new class of digital experiences.

Heinrich Kuttler, former research engineering manager of Meta AI and Joe Fenton, who left his role as senior product manager at Google, also recently joined the team. Additionally, Maarten Bosma and Rewon Child, two former Google Brain researchers, also boarded Inflection in April, according to LinkedIn reports.

Suleyman explained: "We're an AI studio that creates a personal AI for everyone. There are many things it can't do. It won't do lists or code, it won't plan trips, it won't write your marketing strategy or essay for school was designed exclusively for relaxed, supportive and informative conversations.

Looking back on the history of computing we have always tried to reduce the complexity of our ideas so that we can communicate them to a machine. Even when we write a search query, we simplify , shorten or write in shorthand so that the search engine can figure out what we want." Together with Suleyman, Inflection AI helped found Karén Simonyan and Reid Hoffman.

Simonyan is Chief Scientist of the startup and is considered among the most successful personalities of his generation in the field of deep learning. He holds a PhD and a postdoctoral from Oxford and his first company was acquired by DeepMind.

Among his experiences with AI, he has had key roles in AlphaZero, AlphaFold, WaveNet, BigGAN and Flamingo. Hoffman, on the other hand, after a master's degree in philosophy at Oxford embarked on a career as an entrepreneur.

He co-founded LinkedIn and is a partner at Greylock, one of the oldest US venture capital firms. He was previously a member of the board of directors and executive vice president of PayPal.

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