Elon Musk in China to visit the Tesla Giga Factory

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Elon Musk in China to visit the Tesla Giga Factory
Elon Musk in China to visit the Tesla Giga Factory

Elon Musk returns to China to visit the Tesla giga factory, after the absence of these years due to the global Covid pandemic. Elon Musk then made a brief stop in Beijing, and then also moved to Shanghai, visiting the Gigafactory of the electric car company.

And the vice president of the company, Tao Lin, gave official communication on his social profiles. Musk met with Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who stressed the importance of China's recent all-round rejuvenation of the nation through modernization, a high level of outward openness and the creation of a better commercial, market-oriented and rule-of-law environment for enterprises of all countries, including Tesla.

The minister said: "The Chinese people are hardworking and intelligent, the interests of America and China are intertwined like Siamese twins, inseparable from each other. Tesla opposes decoupling and breaking supply chains and is willing to expand its business in China and share the country's development opportunities."

Elon Musk in China to visit the Tesla Giga Factory

Chinese regulators have banned domestic critical information infrastructure operators from buying the chips from Micron (US) over national security fears.

In Shanghai there is the largest Tesla factory ever for the production of electric cars, and in recent months the House of Palo Alto has also spoken of the desire to build a new production plant with the aim of producing energy storage systems Megapack energy.

China is Tesla's second largest market and Elon Musk is keen to maintain good relations with Beijing, in fact he has always tried to avoid tensions between China and the US on technology and to adjust the prices of electric cars in a more difficult macroeconomic environment.

Elon Musk does not only have Tesla among his valuable properties. In fact, let's not forget that he is the owner of a real technological and industrial empire. We mention Twitter, we had followed the acquisition, but also SpaceX, Starlink, OpenAI and Neuralink.

Musk is a great tycoon, one of the richest men in the world. As for relations with the US, Qin reiterated that Chinese development is an opportunity and that a healthy, stable and constructive Sino-American relationship is not only beneficial for the two countries but for the whole world.

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