Bill Gates' $127 million mansion is something incredible

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Bill Gates' $127 million mansion is something incredible
Bill Gates' $127 million mansion is something incredible

Bill Gates owns a villa that ordinarily has little. Among the various possessions of the co-founder of Microsoft, the villa called Xanadu 2.0, in Medina, in the state of Washington, is simply magnificent. This is an approximately 6,100 m2 building overlooking Lake Washington.

The house was also shown by the extremeluxurymansion Instagram profile, which says that the value of the property is around 127 million dollars. The ultra-luxurious home includes 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, a home theater room that seats up to 20 guests, and exercise facilities occupying a total of 2,500 square feet.

There is a sauna and Turkish bath, separate changing rooms for men and women and a swimming pool. Here are the pictures:

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Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has come up with a drastic way to fight climate change: dim the sunlight.Bill Gates supports SCoPEx, a solar bioengineering project that has captured the attention not only of the public but also of the White House.

Some scientists said altering the chemical makeup of the atmosphere could have unknown side effects.Furthermore, many other critics of the project argue that bioengineering financed by billionaires reflects only their economic interests.

A recent report from the Biden administration argues that such a change could significantly cool the planet in a few years, reversing many of the negative consequences of climate change.The main purpose of the SCoPEx project is to modify solar radiation, the amount of energy from the sun that reaches the Earth, by reflecting a part of this energy away from our planet to cool it, thus mitigating the accumulated effects of emissions.

The project was born in 2012.Among the various methods studied and proposed, there is the injection of aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight, the intensification of the reflectivity of clouds on the oceans and the decrease of cirrus clouds at high altitudes, trying to create artificial clouds.These will block sunlight in the upper atmosphere, not allowing it to reach the Earth, and whose formation should, in theory, be favored by a mixture of water, gypsum and sulfur particles, sprayed into the atmosphere from an aerostatic balloon.

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