Biden Campaign Slams DeSantis' 'Culture War' Stance as a 'Contrived Political Stunt'

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Biden Campaign Slams DeSantis' 'Culture War' Stance as a 'Contrived Political Stunt'
Biden Campaign Slams DeSantis' 'Culture War' Stance as a 'Contrived Political Stunt'

The 2023 presidential race is heating up. In a significant turn of events, President Joe Biden's campaign team has launched a scathing attack on Republican candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, labeling his 'culture war' agenda as a "contrived political stunt." The broadside from Biden's camp, the first on-the-record comment on the Republican candidate's platform, is expected to spark a fierce back-and-forth in what is already a heated campaign.

DeSantis' Claims on Military 'Wokeness'

In a recent statement, DeSantis voiced concern about the military's path under civilian command, alluding to an alleged pursuit of a politically charged ideology. "We're now in a situation where we find ourselves seeing the military go down a very different path," DeSantis said. "It's a military that has been ordered by civilian officials to pursue political ideology." However, during a later interview with CNN, DeSantis acknowledged that many people struggle to define the term 'woke,' a central motif of his campaign.

"Well, but I think there's an issue about – not everyone really knows what wokeness is," DeSantis admitted after being presented with a survey indicating that 'wokeness' didn't feature among the primary concerns of Army service members.

Biden's Camp Strikes Back

Biden's campaign team was quick to seize on the Florida governor's remarks. "Ron DeSantis himself just told CNN 'not everyone really knows what wokeness is' -- admitting his hallmark campaign issue is a contrived political stunt," stated Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz to ABC News.

The criticism extended beyond DeSantis' alleged preoccupation with 'wokeness,' with Munoz pointing out the governor's failure to act on more tangible issues affecting the military. "If Ron DeSantis actually cared about the military, he would call on Sen.

Tuberville to stop the unprecedented damage he's doing to the armed forces and military families every day by blockading of hundreds of military nominations and promotions," Munoz added.

The Democrat's Counter-Narrative

Despite DeSantis' vocal assertion that "Florida is where woke goes to die," a statement he has frequently repeated across the nation, Democrats remain confident they can combat this narrative.

According to Munoz, the Republicans' focus on culture wars is indicative of a broader issue plaguing the MAGA bloc. "It's proof of the larger problem MAGA Republicans are facing in this race," Munoz noted. "They have a deeply unpopular agenda that Americans have rejected time and time again, so instead, they recycle the same divisive culture wars and attacks on bedrock freedoms meant to tear Americans apart."

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