Jeff Bezos, among political vision, private life and philanthropy

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Jeff Bezos, among political vision, private life and philanthropy
Jeff Bezos, among political vision, private life and philanthropy

Jeff Bezos is the founder, owner and chairman of the Amazon Group, the largest electronic commerce company in the world, as well as the founder and CEO of Blue Origin, a space flight company, and the owner of the Washington Post.

According to Forbes magazine, as of 2023, Bezos is the third richest person in the world after Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault, with an estimated fortune of $177 billion. In 1993 he married MacKenzie Tuttle, whom he had met the year before in the New York offices of DE Shaw & Co.

The couple lived in Seattle and had four children, one of whom was adopted in China. In January 2019, after 26 years of marriage, the divorce was announced. The agreement is reached in early April 2019: Bezos pays his wife 36 billion dollars, which make her the third richest woman in the world according to Forbes and make divorce the most expensive in history.

In 2012, the Bezos family donated $2.5 million to Washington State's campaign to legalize same-gender marriage. Bezos criticized Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Bezos supports his philanthropic efforts through direct donations, nonprofit projects funded by Bezos Expeditions, and other charitable organizations.

Through Bezos Expeditions he funded the Bezos Center for Innovation at the Seattle Museum of History and Industry for $10 million and the Bezos Center for Neural Circuit Dynamics at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute for $15 million.

He has donated multiple times to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: $10 million in 2009, $20 million in 2010, $15 million in 2011, and $35 million in 2017. He has also donated $800,000 to Worldreader, a non-profit founded by a former Amazon employee.

In 2015 he financed the recovery from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean of two F-1 Rocketdyne Saturn V first stage engines, which were identified as belonging to the S-1C stage of the Apollo 11 mission, which in July 1969 brought the first men to the Moon.

The engine is on display at the Seattle Museum of Flight. On May 23, 2017, he donated $1 million to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the committee that provides pro bono legal services to protect the rights of American journalists.

In January 2018, he donated $33 million to TheDream. US, a scholarship fund for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States when they were minors. In June 2018, Bezos also donated to Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a private philanthropic coalition aimed at promoting carbon-free energy.

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