TikTok presented new innovations: Introducing text posts!

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TikTok presented new innovations: Introducing text posts!
TikTok presented new innovations: Introducing text posts!

As the web giants compete for market share, China-owned TikTok, a video streaming app owned by Tencent, has announced that it is offering text-only posts on its platform.
Moreover, the platform claims that this new feature gives users the opportunity to express themselves in a new way.

In an effort to compete with Spotify and Apple Music, TikTok launched a new music streaming service earlier this month that is designed to rival the service. The iconic blue bird logo for Elon Musk's Twitter was ditched on Monday in favor of a black and white X in place of the iconic blue bird logo.

With the new TikTok app, there will be three options available for its users - whether to post photos, videos, or texts. Additionally, they will have the ability to customize posts by adding sound, location, or Duets, which are video reactions to other TikTok users' posts.

As a result, TikTok claims its text posts have just as much dynamic and interactive functionality as any video or photo posts.

TikTok music

A new music streaming service called TikTok Music has recently been launched in Brazil and Indonesia by TikTok, which belongs to Chinese company ByteDance.

As part of its rollout of the beta version, the company also launched a version of the service in Singapore, Mexico and Australia last week. The app will allow users to listen to, share, and download songs discovered on TikTok and share favorite songs and artists with other users.

As part of the app's testing process, select users around the world will be able to use a landscape mode which is also going to be tested. As of the year 2021, TikTok has become the number one internet destination in the world.

The social media app had a greater number of visits than the huge American search engine giant Google on a daily basis. Announcing the app's success that year, the app also said that it had over a billion active users all over the world.


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