BREAKING: Kanye West reinstated on Twitter/X!

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BREAKING: Kanye West reinstated on Twitter/X!
BREAKING: Kanye West reinstated on Twitter/X!

After 17 years with an iconic blue bird that has become the symbol of transmitting ideas to the world, billionaire Elon Musk has rebranded Twitter as X and, in addition to unveiling a new logo, marked a turning point by announcing that the social network will become a broader platform for communications and financial transactions: project described as the App for everything.

On Friday, July 28, the lettering was removed from the decennial sign and a giant X logo was installed on the roof of the building. Furthermore, as also noted by The Verge, on the social network of chirps the Tweet button is becoming Post.

The change also comes at a time when in the upper left corner of the official portal of the social network there is no longer a bird, but the letter X. The company has changed to introduce the new brand into its image is the sign outside its Market Street location in San Francisco, California.

The X logo that was installed on the roof of the building was however criticized by some members of the neighborhood due to its excessive brightness. The city administration has launched an investigation into the legitimacy of the sign, which was installed without the approval of the competent office and neighbors.

Musk initially said that the X logo chosen to replace the historic blue bird was only temporary. Then things changed. But this is not the last breaking news.

Twitter reactivates Kanye West's account!

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Twitter, now known by its new name X, reinstated rapper and designer Kanye West about eight months after his account was suspended.

Last fall, West posted an image that appeared to show a swastika intertwined with a Star of David, and Elon Musk had the artist suspended from the platform. The Wall Street Journal also said the artist, who now calls himself Ye, assured the platform that he will not use his account to share anti-Semitic content or use violent language.

Adidas cut ties with the rapper last year after a nearly decade-long partnership, ditching his Yeezy-branded sneakers. Even Gap and Balenciaga have cut ties with the rapper and stylist. Musk restored former President Donald Trump's account in December, but he never returned to the platform.

A week ago, Musk and his CEO, Linda Yaccarino, announced the rebranding of Twitter as X and said it would become an all-app that would allow users to manage all their affairs and socialize.

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