Twitter/X is ready to drop the term 'tweet'!

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Twitter/X is ready to drop the term 'tweet'!
Twitter/X is ready to drop the term 'tweet'!

Elon Musk is continuing to change Twitter. After the name change, transformed into X, the term tweet could also soon be abandoned, which would be changed to the term post. According to The Verge, on the social network the Tweet button is becoming Post.

The change comes at a time when the famous blue bird is no longer in the top left corner of the social network's official portal, but rather the letter X.

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After 17 years with an iconic blue bird that has become the symbol of transmitting ideas to the world, billionaire Elon Musk has rebranded Twitter as X and, in addition to unveiling a new logo, marked a turning point by announcing that the social network will become a broader platform for communications and financial transactions: project described as the App for everything.

On Friday, July 28, the lettering was removed from the decennial sign and a giant X logo was installed on the roof of the building. Furthermore, as also noted by The Verge, on the social network of chirps the Tweet button is becoming Post.

The change also comes at a time when in the upper left corner of the official portal of the social network there is no longer a bird, but the letter X. Musk has announced the change of the name and logo of Twitter, the social network he has owned since October, which is now called X.

The company has changed to introduce the new brand into its image is the sign outside its Market Street location in San Francisco, California. The X logo that was installed on the roof of the building was however criticized by some members of the neighborhood due to its excessive brightness.

The city administration has launched an investigation into the legitimacy of the sign, which was installed without the approval of the competent office and neighbors. Musk initially said that the X logo chosen to replace the historic blue bird was only temporary.

Then things changed. Journalist Christopher Beale posted a video on X7Twitter: "This is my life now." Another resident told CBS that she initially thought the light from the sign was the siren of a police car, and added that there are rent-controlled homes in that area where many elderly people live for whom the light that loud it could be particularly annoying. Musk has also activated Kanye West's account in the last few hours.


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