Netflix Dives Deeper into Gaming with New App for iOS

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Netflix Dives Deeper into Gaming with New App for iOS
Netflix Dives Deeper into Gaming with New App for iOS

Streaming giant Netflix is no longer content with ruling just the world of television and movies. The company has now ventured further into the realm of video games, unveiling a new game management app tailored for iOS devices.

The Birth of the Netflix Game Controller

This latest development, dubbed the 'Netflix Game Controller', is an innovative "virtual controller" that transforms your iOS device into a traditional gaming pad. Users can easily pair their phone or tablet with their TV and seamlessly control a myriad of games available through the Netflix platform.

While the app is currently only available for iOS users, there remains anticipation about a potential Android version, although no official announcement has been made. Furthermore, details about specific supported titles are still under wraps, with the app description vaguely noting that "gamepad functionality is coming to Netflix soon".

Netflix's Growing Gaming Portfolio

This foray into gaming doesn't exactly come out of left field. Over the past couple of years, Netflix has been steadily strengthening its presence in the indie game publishing sector. In fact, Netflix Games has either published or hosted an impressive tally of nearly 70 titles.

While a selection of these games is integrated within the primary Netflix streaming app, others have been crafted for gaming consoles and mobile devices. Highlighting the quality of content being curated, these aren't just "throwaway games".

Titles like 'Oxenfree II: Lost Signals' have garnered critical acclaim. It's also noteworthy that the game's developer, Night School, had the distinction of being acquired as Netflix's first in-house studio. Netflix subscribers can look forward to an enticing lineup in the upcoming months.

Games such as 'Storytellers', 'Paper Trail', and the visually-striking 'Monument Valley' are expected to grace the platform. Rumors have also been swirling around about blockbuster titles 'Assassin's Creed' and 'LEG: Legacy Heroes Unboxed' being in the pipeline.

With this strategic push into gaming, Netflix continues to demonstrate its vision of evolving into a comprehensive entertainment behemoth. Only time will tell how this expansion will reshape the gaming and streaming landscapes, but for now, gamers and binge-watchers alike have plenty to be excited about.


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