Elon Musk made a big change to the X platform

Elon Musk wants X to become one of the strongest social media

by Sead Dedovic
Elon Musk made a big change to the X platform

It has been reported that Elon Musk has come up with a new plan for Twitter, named X. According to the owner of this network, he will largely prevent users from blocking the accounts of others, saying they don't "make any sense" in introducing this feature.

There are still going to be some features for users that will allow them to block direct (private) messages from others, as well as mute accounts, which will hide someone's tweets from their timelines at the same time. A person can also set the privacy setting on their account so that they will be notified whenever a new follower attempts to follow them, and can either approve or decline it.

Elon Mus and his moves

Musk's site, X News Daily, had an account that explained to him that muting "is not a complete substitute for blocking" although he might have a different interpretation of the term. Also, it noted that "blocking is mainly done to prevent your followers from seeing harassment, spam, and any other types of abuse," as well as "preventing an individual from quoting you in order to direct harassment toward you.".

Reports from American media suggest that it is unclear whether Musk's move to cancel the blocking feature will result in all accounts previously blocked by the user being suddenly unblocked, as representatives of X/Twitter have not clarified whether this will happen.

Elon Musk announced a long time ago that he plans to introduce huge changes that will make the adventure on his platform easier for users. It is said that in the future there will be many more novelties and things that we haven't had the chance to see so far.

Platform X aims to gain as many fans as possible in a short period of time. It will not be an easy task. Still, we know Musk has the potential to make a big deal out of it.

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