Elon Musk worried about X and its future

There was a bug on the platform over the weekend

by Sead Dedovic
Elon Musk worried about X and its future

"The sad truth is that there are no great “social networks” right now." -Musk wrote on the X platform. There was a bug on the platform over the weekend which led to the removal of images and links that were posted before December 14, 2014.

A number of users noticed the bug, including technologist Tom Coates, who, according to the Guardian, branded the problem as an "epic vandalism by Mask." for pointing it out. The famous selfies that Ellen DeGeneres made at the 2014 Oscars were also removed, but they were later reinstated after they were noticed.

As a result of this, the photo on the platform became the most shared photo on the platform ever, with more than two million shares.

Viral tweets

After Barack Obama's election victory in 2012, a viral tweet posted by the former US president remained unchanged despite the fact that it spread like wildfire.

According to some users, the bug was caused by a way to reduce the cost of data storage, while other users believe it was caused by changes made to the platform that were made in 2016 when "enhanced URL enrichment" was added, which enabled users to view views of related websites outside of 140 character restrictions set by the company.

There were reports last week suggesting that there had been a slowdown in access to X from other social networks, such as Meta platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as a result of the outage. Moreover, there was also a five-second delay in links to some news sites such as the New York Times and Reuters that had a delay of five seconds.

A few months ago, users discovered that they would no longer be able to post or send messages to each other, and received a notification telling them that they were over the daily limit for sending tweets. The company apologized for the fact that direct messages did not work, as well.

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