Elon Musk wants to limit newspaper posts on X/Twitter

External links to the social platform will be heavily penalized if Musk manages this novelty

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Elon Musk wants to limit newspaper posts on X/Twitter
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Elon Musk is trying in every way to change X/Twitter, with a novelty that is displeasing the world of publishing and online media. Musk is in fact planning to remove the title and text from posts published with the appropriate function from online newspapers, keeping only the main image.

Musk himself said it on X on Monday evening, in a post reserved exclusively for subscribers of his account. Currently, news links appear on users' timelines along with an image, the web address of the source, and an abbreviated title.

A system that helps attract clicks to online newspapers and thus helps publishers acquire readers. But with links set up with the new method, users could end up writing texts directly to X, possibly considering X's premium service, which allows up to 25,000 characters to be entered in a single post.

Musk is touting X as a major platform for content creators. In fact, Premium subscribers can now post longer videos, have their posts appear higher, and even receive a portion of ad sales. With this move, Musk will convince users to spend more time on X and push them to opt for the subscription service to be able to access more details.

Th fight with Mark Zuckerberg

On X, Musk shared a scene from Monty Python's Brian of Nazareth - as a tongue-in-cheek reference to what awaits viewers of his future fight with Zuckerberg. Furthermore, Elon Musk also used ancient Rome to underline the decline in the birth rate in various countries of the world, including Italy: "The decline in births is underestimated as a cause of the decline of civilization.

Even Rome had a problem with births during the reign of Julius Caesar." Could this be one of the possible venues for the eventual challenge? Musk has announced that the expected fight with Mark Zuckerberg will be streamed live on X, and will be a Cage Match.

Musk specified that the proceeds will be given to charity to veterans, therefore with the probability that access to the live streaming will be paid.The idea of an MMA fight was born at the end of June, therefore before the launch of Threads and the complaint announced by Twitter for the theft of intellectual property.The day has not yet been set, while the venue for the fight should be the Vegas Octagon.

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