China challenges ChatGPT with a new AI bot

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China challenges ChatGPT with a new AI bot
China challenges ChatGPT with a new AI bot © Kevin Frayer / Stringer Getty Images News

China challenges ChatGPT with new AI bot. Baidu Chinese tech companies, has announced the exit on the Chinese market of ErnieBot, which has in fact obtained the authorization of the Government. Until now, however, only Chinese users selected after a long waiting list could access it.

Erniebot, like ChatGpt, can converse in text, answer questions, solve math problems. Robin Li, chief executive officer of Baidu, according to a company press release, said: "By making Ernie Bot available to hundreds of millions of Internet users, Baidu will gather huge and valuable human feedback from the real world.

This will not only help improve the foundation model of Baidu, but also to iterate Ernie Bot at a much faster pace, ultimately leading to a superior user experience." Most current chatbots, such as those at Baidu and ByteDance, however have built-in moderation mechanisms that refuse to answer sensitive questions about Taiwan or Chinese President Xi Jinping.

One reason Chinese tech companies have so far restricted access to the public has been fears that the models could be used to generate politically sensitive information, dangerous to the government.

About the AI

Nowadays intelligent systems are present in every field, even in daily activities and excel in games, as theorized years earlier by the exponents of artificial intelligence.

There are programs that have been able to compete against chess champions, such as Deep Blue. Others that have been employed in space missions, such as in 1998 when NASA used a program called Remote Agent capable of managing activities related to a space system; some cars are now equipped with a system capable of driving them without the use of a human driver, therefore in a completely autonomous way.

In the context of more everyday scenarios, on the other hand, think of thermostats for heating and air conditioning capable of anticipating temperature changes, managing the needs of the inhabitants and interacting with other devices.

In the economic field, the employment rate in general is particularly sensitive to change, as in techno-finance where the most profound revolution is taking place. The complex problem of developing systems that exhibit intelligent behavior has been tackled by breaking it down into sub-problems, each with a specific research domain.

Each sub-problem consists in studying particular abilities and properties that characterize the intelligent system. With regard to the scope of application of a given intelligent system, this will present more or less evolved solutions for each sub-problem.

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